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My first NFT (Non Fungible Token) on the Cardano blockchain

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An art NFT on the Cardano blockchain by Weisser Zwerg.


I have ignored the crypto space for the past 10 years, but thought that now it might be a good time to dig myself a bit deeper into that technology space. I’ve selected the Cardano eco-system, because some people say that it is one of the most advanced technology eco-systems.

Our Art NFT: Mona Lisa 4.0 by Shuksy

The past week-end my daughter and I made it our week-end project to create our first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the Cardano blockchain.

Here it is: Mona Lisa 4.0

Policy ID: 9a093f9c42ebe91b440af75e5554818e2805b5c6358ae5efe2478cf0

You can buy it on CNFT.io , the first Cardano NFT platform.
And here is the announcement on twitter.


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