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Data Privacy

This web-site is a pure hobby endeavor and I am not profiting from it via any third party, neither financially nor in any other way. In case that I mention companies or products on this web-site I only do so in order for you to be able to find quickly one option on how to get things done.

This site uses Google Analytics for me to understand the nature of my visitors purely on a statistical basis and to allow me to optimize my stories for my intended target audience. Just as a side-remark: I personally use in my browsers uBlock Origin to avoid being tracked by third parties.

This site is hosted on Google Firebase and uses Firebase only for hosting. Firebase provides some basic statistics about the visitors of the site, but I do not store any user data besides what firebase hosting does by default on its own. I am not sure in how far Firebase uses cookies for session tracking. This site does not need session tracking and does not make use of that functionality if it exists.

This site uses utterances and its GitHub back-end to provide you with the means to participate in conversations around the stories on this site.

If you chose to sign-up to get new posts via e-mail the service will be provided via specificfeeds.com. Alternatively you can subscribe directly to the site’s RSS-feed with your preferred feed-reader. I personally like to use the combination aperture/alltogethernow.io. Read the Microsub documentation on indieweb.org for more details.

Besides that, this site is a static site generated via the eleventy static site generator and by its nature does not store any user data.

If you chose to send me any webmentions, I use the webmention.io service to handle those for me. After fetching the mentions the eleventy machinery stores them on GitHub in the site’s repository.

In case you want to contact me, you can do so via: